What makes up the extra weight gained whilst pregnant?

What makes up the extra weight gained whilst pregnant? - When a woman is pregnant and adds to her weight, she is not simply carrying the extra weight of the baby, but also other tissues vital for the pregnancy as well as extra water and blood within her system.

The breakdown of what makes up the most of the weight gain after nine months can be seen below:

  • the baby accounts for about 7 pounds (3.1 Kg),
  • the placenta is about 2 pounds (0.9 Kg),
  • the amniotic fluid is another 2.2. pounds (1 Kg),
  • the enlarged uterus is 2 pounds (0.9 Kg)
  • the extra retained fluids, body fats, and enlarged breasts make up the other 16 pounds or so (7.2 Kg).

This all adds up to about 29 pounds (13.3 Kg) which are at the upper limit for a woman of a normal weight and height ratio after nine months.

So as you can see, after the birth, within a few weeks of the body returning to a normal schedule and the loss of the extra fluids being carried around, there is not much weight to lose if she wants to return to her original size.

How much weight should be taken at each stage of pregnancy?

  • In general terms, in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy 5 to 7 pounds is added.
  • In the middle trimester, 10 to 12 pounds is normal.
  • In the last trimester, 12 to 15 pounds is added.
  • This allows for a weight gain over the full nine months of between 27 and 34 pounds.

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