What Should You Do If You Have Hemorrhoids?

What Should You Do If You Have Hemorrhoids?

What Should You Do If You Have Hemorrhoids? - Hemorrhoids are most unpleasant, and you want to take care of the problem without the additional discomfort of talking about it with other people. When you have a hemorrhoid flare up you should not ignore it; you should act. Hemorrhoidal swelling, inflammation, and itching can evolve from minor discomfort to severe symptoms, so waste no time.

The first step to use is to do everything possible to avoid making matters worse. It is done by solving the problem which caused the flare up in the first place, most probably constipation or diarrhea. If the swelling developed from sitting too long or from physical activity such as biking, suspend the action.

If the damage to your anal passage and anus was caused by passing the hard stool, make sure to do what is necessary to soften your stool. Some methods to achieve this include drinking much more water, and taking a stool softener, either orally or in suppository form. Start eating more fiber, in the way of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Preventively, apply some vaseline to your anus, both inside and outside before the next bowel movement.

Your hygiene becomes crucial once you have a hemorrhoidal pathology. After each bowel movement, take a shower and wash the anal area gently with a hypoallergenic soap. Avoid all soaps with perfumes, because these will irritate the inflamed regions even more. If you can't shower or bathe after a bowel movement, use hypoallergenic wet wipes, preferably with aloe vera and, again, without perfumes, to cleanse the anal area. If you don’t wash the area carefully, you risk triggering an infection with the contact of your feces.

What Should You Do If You Have Hemorrhoids?

The following step is to make sure you do not strain your pelvic muscles if you have symptoms of inflamed hemorrhoids. Do not lift bulky items, do not sit in the same position for an extended period, avoid bicycle seats and hard chairs, and any other place which may impede the proper blood flow to your pelvic region. Do not sit on the toilet for more than a few minutes, and avoid trying to pass stool by force. The effort is most damaging to the sphincter muscle and vascular system around them.

Sitz baths, or sitting baths, are very effective in reducing the inflammation and itching of hemorrhoids when cold water is used. Soaking the lower pelvic area in cold water for 10 or 15 minutes will calm irritation and itching. For persons who are very nervous and stressed, a 15-minute warm sitz bath can help to relax the sphincter muscle, reducing the tension which is causing discomfort.

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