WHAT TO DO IF I might be pregnant

If you are worried that you might be pregnant, here are some matters that you can do:

See a health care company
In case you had sex without a condom or the condom broke, and you are concerned about being pregnant, see your health care issuer as quickly as possible. There are medications up to date that may help save you being pregnant if taken as soon as feasible after having intercourse. Your health care issuer can also suggest STI testing and treatment if wanted.

Save you being pregnant
Taking the emergency contraceptive tablet (Plan B) as soon as viable and inside 5 days of getting unprotected sex will lessen the threat of turning pregnant.

Get a pregnancy to take a look at
If you are worried approximately up-to-date pregnant or think you might be pregnant, see your health care issuer for a pregnancy test. Your health care company up to date to recognize the options which might be up-to-date for you if you are pregnant or need to be updated keep away from up to date pregnant.

Get assist
Public health clinics and groups up-to-date alternatives for Sexual health BC (1-800-739-7367) or the pregnancy alternatives service (1-888-875-3163) offer information and non-judgemental assist and counseling for human beings and their partners handling a surprise pregnancy. The pregnancy alternatives service can provide about approximately abortion services up-to-date in BC and in the united states of America. The CARE program at the BC women's up-to-date also provides counseling services for people experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and abortion offerings for people who need an abortion for genetic or medical motives.

Other things you can do:
Discover more approximately birth control options.
See your healthcare company for contraception (birth control).
Get STI checking out in case you had been additionally uncovered updated any STIs.

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