Who Wants to be a Hot Momma? as Pregnant Woman

Pregnant Woman

So you want to be a hot "Pregnant Woman"  mama?. You want to be that head-turner of a woman who gives younger girls a run for their precious money when you are out shopping. Well, first you have to experience what every hot mama all over the world has experienced – pregnancy.

Pregnancy is defined by Encyclopedia Britannica as the “process and series of changes that take place in a woman’s organs and tissues as a result of a developing fetus.” Indeed, the process of pregnancy is as difficult as it sounds, this, both physically and emotionally. It is one that will test the woman’s strength, patience, and overall character for a whole nine months.

Learning that she is pregnant is the reason for a woman to rejoice. She knows that in her womb is a heavenly creation that when conceived into the earth becomes the most fragile of all its dwellers. But first, the expecting mother should undergo a series of physical and emotional tests before she is formally introduced to the world of motherhood. And it’s not easy at all (It won't be called pregnancy limbo for anything). The pregnancy limbo is called such as it is the sort of rite of passage for pregnant women before the baby is conceived. It is during this period that she experiences not only physical but also emotional trials.

Aside from the bulging tummy, the pregnant woman’s breasts are inclined to enlarge and get swollen, the reason for them to get painful. This is the time when she needs to change to a new bra size to cope up with the discomfort. The enlargements though, do not end here. Her feet also can get swollen and her hair and nails tend to grow faster than normal. There is a change though that is to her advantage. This has something to do with the skin glow. Because of the blood volume increase, a pregnant woman experiences an unusual glow on her skin. But since it is more delicate, the skin becomes more prone to pimples and rashes.

As for the emotional side, common knowledge is the mood swings she exhibits. This is most evident in the first and third trimester. Because of the hormonal changes, she also experiences morning sickness. Also called nausea, this is the vomiting due to the pregnancy itself. She also tends to get very forgetful as she is preoccupied with all the things that concern the baby. Lastly, she faces the problem of exhaustion. She gets tired more easily than the usual. The pregnant woman is advised not to push herself whenever she works as this will affect the baby.

The process of pregnancy is taxing not only to the woman but also to the people around her. Ever heard a man exclaim he’s pregnant? No, it isn’t because he started growing breasts after months of taking pills. He just means that he is part of his wife’s pregnancy. See what that little thing inside the womb can do? And by the way, ‘mama’ is spelled as a mama, not momma.

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