Yeast Infections, It Could Be Diabetes

Yeast Infections

One of the oft-overlooked symptoms of diabetes is recurring yeast infections. When people hear “yeast infection,” most of us think of the affliction that plagues women, but that isn’t always the case. Yeast can build up in places you might not think of, such as under your arms or, in the case of nursing moms, on and inside breasts.

Yeast infections that are hard to get rid of or that keep coming back can be a sign of diabetes, because yeast thrives on sugar so that increased blood sugar can become a breeding ground for bad bacteria.

If you have received treatment for a yeast infection and it does not go away, it might be time to consider testing for diabetes. Fortunately, following a diabetic diet along with traditional treatment is usually enough to get rid of the yeast infection. You may find that you have to eliminate all forms of sugar for a time, including those naturally occurring in fruits.

Once the yeast infection is under control, maintaining a low carb diabetic diet will often be enough to help you avoid yeast infections in the future. You may find that you think more clearly and have more energy once the excess yeast is driven from your system, too, and who couldn’t use more energy?

While not all yeast infections are cause for concern, yeast infections that do not respond to treatment or continue to come back are, so if you experience those, please talk to your doctor about diabetes. Early treatment can go a long way toward preventing long-term complications.

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